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Hi, guys...

Having two DAs never worked out.  I found that, because I have two of them, a fandom-related one and this so-called "professional" DA (spoinler alert: not good at being professional on the Internet), I found that I was was less likely to log into either one of them.  Things were easier when I only had one DA to maintain.

So, from now on, I will post my original work to my original DA @  I will also move the work that I've posted here onto that DA.  Why?  Because it's older, more established and, frankly, I just like the name "piandaoist". :b  It will also put my entire body of work at one location.

That beind said, this DA will remain active so that I don't lose favorites or comments on the work while it was posted here.  So you who have been kind enough to favorite the work don't have to worry about broken links amongst your favorites. <3
DA name change because I've acquired Tentatively, it will be a modest freeware graphics site meant to showcase the work I feature here.